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Talk to Guo Dan, World Champion of 2016 FIRS World Roller Speed Skating Championships: Hope to Be an Athlete of Roller Skating and Skating

Today (September 18) is the last competition day of 2016 FIRS World Roller Speed Skating Championships.?In Chinese players, Guo Dan, a player from Jiangsu attracted the most attention.?On the awarding ceremony, the reporter from Longhoo.net interviewed Guo Dan.


Guo Dan (the first person on the left) on the scene of the awarding ceremony of 10,000 meters Points


Guo Dan on the scene of the awarding ceremony

Guo Dan, the first world champion of Track competition of World Championships since the development of Chinese roller sports 30 years ago, won three gold medals in competitions in Europe in 2014, broke the world record of 500 meters competition, and was nominated as the CCTV Sports Personality annual best non-Olympic event athlete twice.?In 2016 FIRS World Roller Speed Skating Championships, Guo Dan won the silver medal in Senior Women 10,000 meters Points.?When interviewed by the reporter, Guo Dan said, "I share special friendship with the winner and the third place of this competition. They are already my acquaintances as we have been competing for several years, and they are excellent athletes in Points."


Photo of Aracu, chairman of the FIRS and Chinese team

But unfortunately, Nanjing had rained for days during the competition.?When it comes to the competition in rain, Guo Dan said she did a good job this time.?"China is lacking in experience of roller skating for the short developing time.?Our Chinese players are not good at skating in rain, and it is just occasional this time. All the players started from the same starting line."

It has been 11 years since she joined professional team, and 20 years since she engaged in roller sports.?Last year, she changed from roller skating to short track speed skating on ice.?For participating in this Championships held in Nanjing, she came back to the venue of roller skating.?"Because I've already been a Grand Slam champion, I hope to be an athlete of both roller skating and skating. I can train for roller skating in summer and for skating in winter and finally participate in the Olympics."

(Source: www.longhoo.net)