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Fang Huiyan Won Two Silver Medals and One Bronze Medal in 2016 FIRS World Roller Speed Skating Championships


In the ongoing 2016 FIRS World Roller Speed Skating Championships, Chinese delegation totally won 1 gold medal, three silver medals, and 1 bronze medal. The two silver medals and one bronze medal are all won by Fang Huiyan.?This 16-year-old little girl from Hangzhou is deemed as a new star of roller skating in China with the most potential.

The reporter interviewed Zhou Xuming, Fang Huiyan's coach. Zhou said, "The reason why Fang Huiyan can achieve good results at such a young age is not her outstanding talent in roller skating. In fact, her greatest talent is the ability to endure hardship".

Satisfaction with regret: Just 0.003 seconds slower

2016 FIRS World Roller Speed Skating has come to the end. This Championships is classified into three major events: Track, Road, and Roller Marathon. Fang Huiyan participated in all the three major events.?In the preceding track events, Fang Huiyan won the bronze medal of Junior Women 10,000 meters Track competition and the silver medal of Junior Women 15,000 meters Track competition, and won the silver medal of Junior Women 10,000 meters Road competition.

Zhou Xuming is very satisfied with Fang Huiyan's results in this Championships.

"She is only 16 years old and this is the first time for her to participate in international events. Many of her high-level competitors have practiced roller skating for 7 to 8 years while Fang Huiyan has practiced only for over 3 years. Fang Huiyan's achievements of two silver medals and one bronze medal greatly exceed our expectation."

However, Zhou Xuming also feels regret, "In Junior Women 15,000 meters Track competition, Fang Huiyan was only 0.003 seconds slower than the champion, in another word, only 0.5 cm behind the champion. This is a tiny distance that cannot be distinguished by eyes. From this respect, Fang Huiyan lost the game because she lacked experience. If she sprinted a little earlier or chose better circuits, the result may be different."

Able to endure hardship: Child in a poor family independent early

Zhou Xuming told the reporter that Fang Huiyan is a student in Zhejiang College of Sports and the youngest player of Chinese roller skating national team. Now, China has no professional roller sports athlete, so Fang Huiyan's major task is study. Different from athletes who study in colleges, Fang Huiyan has classes every day and is not allowed to attend matches if she fails to pass examinations of general knowledge courses."

Fang Huiyan must complete both studies and roller sports training, so she must work much harder than others.?"Her hard working spirit is incomparable. When she is training, she is not like a girl of her age at all. She is more like an athlete of 1960s."?Zhou Xuming stopped for several seconds as he was touched.?"You cannot imagine how poor her family is."?When we recruited students in her school, Fang Huiyan was not in our selecting range but the president recommended her. I thought that the president wanted to offer advantages to Fang Huiyan. However, after the president told us Fang Huiyan's family condition and her spirit of hard working, we decided to accept her to have a try."

"To be honest, Fang Huiyan is not tall and has no outstanding body condition. Her talent is her spirit of hard working and she is always thankful, so she improves fast in skills."

Only heat this year - strive for gold medals next year

During the Championships, Fang Huiyan accepted the interview from our reporter and talked to us frankly, "I want more people to know me. Roller skating is of great fun. I hope more people can pay attention to it and participate in it."?Fang Huiyan said.

Now she can express herself well before the media, but actually she is an introvert who does not like to talk.?Zhou Xuming said, "For developing the ability of communication with others as well as the good mentality, we specially appointed her as the team leader regardless her young age."

With the improvement of her skills and mentality, Fang Huiyan can already compete with the first-class players in the world. This Championships is only a heat for 2017 FIRS World Roller Games for all disciplines which will be the major stage for Fang Huiyan to compete with might and main.

Zhou Xuming said, "Nanjing will held World Championship again next year. Fang Huiyan will be more mature at that time and more hopeful to win gold medal.?As for our coach group, we shall sum up the experience of this Championships and perfect her from every aspect in the future training."

(Source: Jinling Evening News)