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Championships in Strong Winds and Heavy Rains: "Fast and Furious" Is Ongoing



Winds and rains hit Nanjing during the Mid-Autumn Festival. On the second day of Road Competition of 2016 FIRS World Roller Speed Skating Championships, players from 43 countries and regions competed in winds and rains, putting on an excellent show of "Fast and Furious".

On the circuit, water splashed everywhere. Because of the wet ground, high resistance and indistinct sight, the competitions are of great hardship. Yesterday, Pivert Gwendal, the France player participating in Senior Men 1 Lap Circuit told reporters that this was his second time in China for competition, "Competition in rains is really a big challenge for both players and working staff. However, we still persevered, leaving little effect on the competitions. Though very hard, it is also a new experience of finishing the events while feeling the speed and the passion in rains.

Ding Caijie, director of Volunteer Department of the Championships said that it is a very important task for volunteers to clean up the water on circuit in order to ensure smooth proceeding of the events in rains. Volunteers cleaned up the water for over 300 times yesterday and stuck to their posts for over 12 hours roughly from 6:00 to 19:00.

(Source: Nanjing Daily)